What Paella Taught Me About My Marriage

“Marriage is constantly asking each other what you want to eat until you die.”

“So true, so true,” Omar and I laughed together for a minute. I kept scrolling.

And so it goes. Each night we — like the millions of couples before us — ask each other what the other would like for dinner. At best it’s smooth sailing, no-nonsense conclusion, at worst it’s an all-out argument. (I just don’t like Pho, ok?!)

Sometimes it requires you to go out of your way to get what you both need

Bomba Rice isn’t at our local grocery store. And because we live in Austin, neither are Littleneck Clams or Mussels. Actually, most of the ingredients weren’t at our local store. So this meant we had to meet at our bougie store, Central Market (which for the record, is amazing and I love everything about it, except maybe the prices).

Sometimes you’ll read things wrong, but that doesn’t mean it’ll come out bad

It turns out that “turn Shrimp halfway” does not mean to continuously turn them on their other half every few seconds. Whoops.

Some things are done when they open up, some things are just starting to cook.

Clams open when they’re done. Mussels open slightly before they’re done. (Thanks, internet)

Enjoying it still requires work

If you’ve had Paella you know eating it requires a balance of de-shelling, ripping heads off, and tenderly scooping. It’s almost too romantic to think about this metaphor, really. It gives me butterflies thinking about the wholeness this dish represents.

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