Millions of people are quitting their jobs and employers are dying to know why.

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I saw the hashtag #GreatResignation on LinkedIn today. Someone announced their resignation from a popular tech company and claimed themselves a part of this movement.

I never thought about the movement much. I’ve been in the throes of new motherhood and building a business, so when I paused to think…

Congratulations to our winners! Stay tuned for a November prompt.

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Our first essay contest has just concluded! (Albeit it, we’re announcing a little later than planned). Let’s blame my toddler’s incessant cold and juggling childcare for the last three weeks.

My family problems aside, we had some prolific writers submit touching stories about their own personal growth. …

After a year of freelancing, I’ve found women are more understanding, trust my experience, and are overall easier to work with.

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I thought it was leadership that I had a problem with.

I thought I just hated being led. That I was meant to be unbound and free from leaders and their damn charismatic, hollow personalities.

Turns out, it was just that men kind of suck at leadership. Or more accurately…

As a white woman from a Blue State suburb, I know white supremacy isn’t unique to the Red States alone.

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The past few Mondays, as the weather is changing from oppressively hot to just kind of hot, I take my daughter for a walk in our little neighborhood in South Austin.

Mondays are different because instead of listening to Brené Brown interview amazing people on her podcast, I listen to…

Mindy Morgan Avitia

Content strategist writing about social justice, parenting, marketing, and the intersection of them all.

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